Sunday, October 5

Small town?

Went to Stillwater for the OSU and A&M game Saturday. Was I surprised to see all the new stores and hotels, yes I said hotels, in Stillwater. The small town feel has definately gone away. That small twon feel is what I fell in love with the first time I went to Stillwater to find a school. I guess 16 years can change any town.

On a good note, Boone Pickens stadium looks fantastic!! In the 80's the stadium looked like an overgrown high school stadium. Now with the brick outside and the west side of the stadium closed it looks like a first class university stadium.

Monday, November 5

Anyone Out There

Anyone Out There, it has been way too long. I have continued to peek in on my favorite bloggers from time to time but have not posted myself. I will be visiting everyone more often. I hope all is well, if not remember who is really in control and be strong.

Saturday, August 13


Just wanted to place a blog in if anyone is still looking. All is well just no time to blog. I hope everyone is well. I will look in on everyones blogs but will not be posting. Thanks and God bless.